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Mrs. Daly reads her book, "Henry the Green Zebra-Pig"


the Green Zebra-Pig

Henry is no ordinary pig ...

He is a green zebra-pig!


Henry is excited to meet all of the animals at his new home on the farm, but what will they think of this newcomer to Farmer Kate's barnyard?


Henry is so different; it will take a special event for the animals to realize that he is amazing just the way he is!


The author is truly an artist at rhymed prose and is sure to immediately capture the attention of any young child. Her lively illustrations enhance the lyrical nature of the story of Henry, the Green Zebra-Pig,  as well as bring Henry and the other characters to life. The underlying message of celebrating our own uniqueness and appreciating that of others is one that resonates through time.

~ Laura J. Goodrow, Teacher

The moral of the story, to be accepting of everyone especially those who are different, is one that resonates with many. It is a great reminder to all and is so important in a children’s book. The illustrations are incredible and bring the story to life!

~ Christina Drogan, Mom-to-be

A delightful, charming story that shares why it's ok to be different!

~ Jessi Oliano, Photographer & Mom

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"In the classroom,

I challenge my students

to constantly expand

their imaginations

and tap into

their creativity."

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