'Twas The Hunt

Before Christmas

‘Twas the Hunt Before Christmas, and it wasn’t just any. Hunter Marty takes his son on what he hopes will be a memorable outing on Christmas Eve.


After a long, cold stint in a tree stand that leaves him snoring and left to hunt alone by his son, Marty wakes up and spots his prize. In a sharp-witted take on a couple of Christmas classics, seasoned hunter and dad Marty Hecker isn’t about to go home empty handed but full of stories about the one that got away!


Come along for the fun on a comical winter’s night that doesn’t go quite as planned …  and ends with a secret Marty’s glad Santa kept all these years.


  "It was quite refreshing to read a children's book

on the heritage of our hunting and shooting sports. 

I congratulate Marty for having the confidence to write such a book. Marty's writing was surprisingly witty and it's great that he chose to use a Christmas setting to educate his children and others in the sport of hunting and gun safety. Please continue your writings for all to enjoy."


Tom Weeast

President- Gloucester County

NJ State Federation of Sportsmen's Clubs 

Marty's Story

Marty Hecker is a hunter and avid firearms sportsman. He has two boys and wanted to make sure that they both could safely enjoy sport shooting and hunting. While hunting on a cold Christmas Eve during his oldest son’s first hunting season, they were joking around changing the words to “’Twas the Night Before Christmas”. They had so much fun, Marty decided to continue the story and put it to paper. After many revisions and the help of his wife, Jennifer,  an illustrator and colorist were found and the book you now hold was created. Marty hopes that you enjoy this book as much as he enjoyed creating it. May is be a source of laughter, enjoyment, and education for you and your family for years to come.​

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Artist and illustrator Mark Poulton created the beautiful illustrations for 'Twas the Hunt Before Christmas.


No stranger to children's books, Mark is well known for his own children’s book, A Cat Named Haiku, which was nominated for Best Single Issue Story in the 2011 Eagle Awards and selected to be part of the TogetheRead Program by teachersandfamilies.com.

He recently teamed up with Impact Wrestling's Eddie Edwards for Anything Is Possible—The Eddie Edwards Story. Mark also co-wrote Pizza Tree with his then 7-year-old son, Chase, which earned a 2018 Ringo Award nomination for Best Kids Graphic Novel.


Follow Mark on Twitter @koniwaves

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