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Author Visit



What types of audiences do you visit?


  • Colleges and Universities

  • Libraries and Library Association Conferences

  • U.S. Military and Patriotic Events

  • National, State, and Local Literary Conventions

  • Book Stores

  • Book Fairs

  • Your Event!



What can we expect when you visit?

You may choose a presentation from any or all of the following content. See the Honorarium page for fees.


  • Book readings

  • Autobiographical presentation

  • Q & A

  • Book sales & signings

  • Writing Workshop



What equipment do you need for your talks?


  • For small gatherings, please provide a table and chair.

  • For larger settings, e.g. auditorium, assembly hall, etc., please also provide a microphone



What are your current speaking fees for an author visit?


  • Please see the Honorarium page for current speaking fees.



How do I schedule an author visit?


  • Simply visit the Contact page and fill out the Author Visit Request Form.



How should we prepare for an author visit?


  • Prepare a schedule of activities to help your event run smoothly and on time.


  • Choose one person to handle book orders for your event. Book orders should be placed at least 6 weeks in advance of a book signing in order to have books available at the event. Please check and follow your organization's policy for ordering books. Author bears no responsibility if books are not obtained in time to have on hand for the event.


  • Honorarium and fees are due the day of the event. 







Political Thriller Authors

Check out the


for details on how to meet author Biff Price via Skype or iChat!

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