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I’ve faked my way through life as The Happy Fat Kid, The Perfect Daughter, The Perfect Girlfriend, The Party Girl, and others to hide the pain and shame of my lack of self worth. But Unmasked – Becoming a Real Woman in a Fake World is so much more than my life story. Unmasked chronicles my journey of self-discovery and rebirth as I shed masks of insecurity that I’ve worn since I was ten years old. 

Who are you under the masks you wear? I reveal the roots of my own self-destructive behavior and share how I’ve begun to expose the person of worth hiding behind those masks. Bariatric surgery sparked the process of physical and emotional healing for me, but whatever the catalyst is for you, Unmasked – Becoming a Real Woman in a Fake World offers encouragement and motivation on your journey to becoming the very best you.

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We live in a world filled with fake images of what the perfect woman should be. Unrealistic ideals for women's roles as wife, mother, friend, and more abound. Too often we burn out trying to achieve someone else's version of the best us. Eventually, we fall short. We blame ourselves and feel like failures. I spent years running on this hamster wheel of striving and failing.  

I am becoming a real woman who works hard to be the best she can be, but I'm trading depression over not achieving enough for the joy of really being me. In Unmasked, Becoming a Real Woman in a Fake World, I reveal how I overcame the shame of secret low self-esteem to get to the great life I have now. I share my story and offer insight for identifying and shedding masks of insecurity that can keep you from becoming the best possible version of you.

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Unmasked, Becoming a Real Woman in a Fake World includes Revealing Question21-Day Challenge, and Where I Go for Help sections help inspire your transformation while helping you develop a positive self-image and lay a foundation for building healthy relationships.


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