Goodbye 2018! Hello 2019!

I must say that I am not sad to see 2018 in my rear view mirror. It has been one of the roughest years of my life. Between financial issues, grief, depression, feelings of failure and regaining some of the weight I lost, I can not wait to tell 2018 goodbye. Of course, there were good moments in the year, and I would like to pull out some of those good moments to share with you.

My eldest son was in a production of Oliver and did an amazing job. That also led to me forming some wonderful friendships and deepen existing bonds.

My youngest son continued in his musical pursuits, and I joined the board of his music academy.

My brother became my brother again.

I got to see my cousins and an uncle that I have not seen in years.

My husband published a children’s book.

I helped several people realize their dream to become published authors.

I got the courage to work out in a public place.

I saw my husband realize a dream and become a black belt.

I was able to grow closer to my parents through difficult times.

A close friend of mine was blessed with a little girl after years of wanting one, and I am her babysitter.

I found out I am going to have another cousin.

Most importantly, I realized an inner strength that I did not know I had.

So, in a year full of crushing pain and at times unbearable struggles, I have not been broken. I look forward to 2019 with hope that things will get better. I will pull from my faith and my family and continue to work on my goals. I will look for the blessings in my life and keep a record of them. I will give to all those around me and live a life that will make my God and my grandma proud.

Happy New Year!

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