The 7:15 Morning Show

August 31, 2017


The first Sunday in August is National Sisters Day!


I am blessed to have two sisters who are also my best friends! Funny how for me they are also mentor, judge, sounding board, cheerleader, tissue, optimist, and idea women.


In honor of National Sisters Day, I would like to share what my sisters and I call “The 7:15 Morning Show.” Every morning, in between the stop and start of traffic, getting a cup of coffee, dropping the kids off at the bus stop or daycare, my sisters and I call each other to hear the latest in each other’s lives. Once connected, we chat and laugh about practically everything under “our” sun: how our older kids are and what the younger ones are up to, how money is tight or not, how work is going well or not, checking-up on our parents, what the plans are for the weekend, current events, last night’s tv show, what was on sale at the supermarket, new shoes, thrift store finds, our husbands, what we learned at church this week—our list goes on forever.


To many people these daily chats might seem like a long mix of insignificant banter, but for me, it’s not about the talk. For me, “The Show” is a way to feel connected to my sisters, to know that there is someone listening to me who is understanding where I am and where I am going because in one way or another she’s been where I’ve been. Our little group is one where I always belong; my sisters are happy to have me as a part of “The Show,” where I am a contributing correspondent about the news of our lives.


So, even though National Sisters Day falls on a singular Sunday, my sisters and I celebrate the unique bond of sisterhood on “The 7:15 Morning Show” every day, and are better for giving and receiving that daily dose of sisterly encouragement. Find your own creative way to reach out to a sister and tell her she’s special often!




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