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Public Courtesy


Public Courtesy - The New “PC”

In the society in which we find ourselves today, many proclaim that we must be politically correct. However, since there was a paradigm shift in our political leadership in the recent presidential election, are we still required to be politically correct? In fact, just what does “PC” mean in this brave new world?

At the risk of pontificating, perhaps “PC” should stand for “Positive and Concerned!” There is never an excuse for treating others badly—even when we disagree. There is room for intelligent discussion by all parties. There is no need to heap vitriol on anyone. Educated people have no excuse that allows them to verbally assault others. Throwing stones, setting fires, destroying public property, and harming others are things done by barbarians…not by good citizens.

“PC” could also stand for “Polite and Civil.” When did it become permissible to scream insults at those who belong to a different political party? When did profanity, belligerence, selfishness, and offensive behavior replace good manners and respect? All of us should be able to express our opinions openly and in a civil manner without fear of being verbally or physically assaulted!

We can only hope that in this “new” America, each of us resolves to treat others with kindness and consideration—even when we disagree with them. We must respect others, and we must be respected in return. Anarchy has no place in this nation!

It is time that “PC” stood for “Patience and Common Sense.”

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