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The Dream Comes True

The headlines are filled with the DACA story, and the point-counter-point of the heated debate rages on. But…what if there were a way to solve all of the problems between Mexico and the United States? What if the “Wall” wasn’t necessary? Apparently, no politician has thought of it, but what if there actually were a way to solve the U.S. illegal immigration problem—permanently? President Michael Stonebreaker and The Movement are back in The Reconstructionsts, the explosive sequel to The Revolutionists, and they’re bringing a plausible answer to all sides of the border question. Filled with action, dark wit and an incredibly evil villain in a town called “Hell,” Biff Price’s latest novel actually makes lasting peace on the border between the United States and Mexico possible, and does so without compromise! Along the way, the Marines and Navy S.E.A.L.s team up with The Man Who Loved the Gulf and his sons in a desperate effort to find a smuggled nuclear weapon before everyone’s dreams go up in smoke. Get your copy of The Reconstructionists today everywhere you buy books. The good dream comes true…and it’s about time that it did!

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