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What is Your Worth?

A Biff New Year’s Wish for You

Has anyone ever asked you, “What do you think you’re worth?” What a frightening question!

If no one has ever asked you such a thing—as we watch a New Year begin, there is Someone waiting to ask you this question. Someone wise beyond anything any of us can possibly imagine. Someone who has never made a mistake. Someone who literally knows everything there is to know about you, from the moment of your conception until this very moment.

This Person isn’t Someone the world acknowledges, because the world is terrified of Him! The world spends a great deal of time pretending He doesn’t exist. The world is made uncomfortable by even the thought that He is real!

You see, the world wants you to chase after what it has to offer, to spend your time in vain pursuit of money, fame, toys and trinkets...To satisfy yourself without allowing your conscience to be engaged. When you desire the things of the world, you will have no desire to become aware of Him!

And yet, He is there…the still, small voice, waiting for you. In all the seconds, minutes, hours and days of your life, He is waiting. It doesn’t matter when you turn to Him. Listen to Him, and know His Presence! You may come early or late, but you MUST come. He promised He would draw all unto Himself!

The clock strikes. It is the hour! Time waits for no one. It moves on regardless of what we pursue. He stands before us, ready to bring us new life, a life unlike anything the world will ever be able to understand.

Go ahead, ask Him: “How much am I worth?” He answers, “You are worth the life of My Son! He gave Himself for you!”

What are you worth? Far beyond what anyone can measure! The greatest price ever paid in the history of the universe was paid for you, and you will have no peace until you humble yourself, accept His forgiveness, and follow Him!

A truly HAPPY New Year begins with The Certainty of Eternity for you and those you love!

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