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Enter the World of The Revolutionists

As a writer, I hope that my novels and stories touch the lives of readers in meaningful ways. Another objective is that they be timely, that is, that they be about things that currently occupy the minds of people.

The Reconstructionists certainly achieves both of those goals. The sequel to The Revolutionists in the Stonebreaker Trilogy, the book deals with all the problems on our southern border—and solves them.

At the start of his third year as president of the United States, Michael Stonebreaker is faced with the task of ending the border crisis once and for all when innocent Americans are slaughtered in the streets by El Diablo, a monstrous drug cartel leader and his men.

Once again, the mysterious Man Who Loved the Gulf, his equally mysterious cousin, and one of the Man’s sons rally his personal army to deal with the conflict.

Navy S.E.A.L.s and the Marines also help save the day! The action and cast of characters take on new dimensions, including romance, even as the heroes battle a terrible invention called the Death Machine and the even greater threat of an atomic weapon!

The Reconstructionists poses a solution to the border problems that needs to be read and appreciated by everyone living on the North American continent, and it solves the problems on the southern border once and for all.

The stage is set for the next novel in the trilogy, and readers will enjoy it soon enough.

Get your copy of The Reconstructionists today. It’s time the southern border crisis was resolved in an intelligent way, and it might as well be in an action-packed novel by yours truly! Happy reading! (Biff Price)

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